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Student Services

Academic Advisement and Tutoring

The academic administration carefully tracks student attendance and grades and acts quickly to help students keep pace with their course work. Should a student start experiencing academic difficulties, the following options are available:

Academic advisement: Instructors are ready to provide extra assistance upon request. In addition, each program has a Dean and/or one or more department chairs, lead instructors and coordinators. These administrators have time available to advise students from all courses in their areas of expertise. The Director of Massage Therapy Academic Support Services is also available for direct advisement.

Tutoring: The Director of Student Services coordinates a program of group and individual tutoring that provides assistance to students.

Massage Therapy faculty tutorials and make-up work: To meet New York Massage Therapy Board attendance requirements, students may need to make up individual lessons. This can be done by sitting in on the same class at a different time or by arranging a tutorial with a faculty member. The Director of Student Services and the Director of Massage Therapy Academic Support Services oversee the sit-in and tutorial program. Fees apply for faculty tutorials and make-ups (see section on Tuition and Fees).

Licensing and certification exam preparation: All technical program courses are designed to prepare students to take licensure or certification exams upon graduation. Courses in the last semester may include practice examinations to enhance preparation. In addition, some programs provide additional workshops and/or computer tutorials and the college library has “test prep” handbooks for most programs. Individual program Deans should be consulted for more information.

Study skills workshops: Workshops aimed at helping students with time management, test-taking, learning styles, and study skills are offered periodically. Dates and times will be posted.

Personal Advisement

Personal circumstances may interfere with student academic progress. These may include job loss, personal or family illness, death in a family and any number of problems associated with daycare, finances, housing, child or spousal abuse, substance abuse, legal problems and psychological issues. Students are encouraged to seek assistance through the Director of Student Services as soon as problems develop. Referrals can be provided to community service organizations, government agencies, social workers or counselors who can help the student navigate such problems. The Director of Student Services can also work with instructors to provide homework assignments and other assistance in an effort to keep students on track.

Students also have access to Student Resource Services, a private company which provides immediate telephone access to counselors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These counselors can provide telephone counseling and coaching, as well as assistance with daily living needs, including coordination of local resources and financial/legal consultation. This service is provided without cost to Swedish Institute students.

The Financial Aid Office can provide guidance as to additional financial resources that may be available to assist students experiencing financial problems and the Alumni and Career Services office occasionally posts part-time job opportunities that may be suitable for students.

Library Services

All students receive an orientation to library services including ebrary, ProQuest and other electronic collections. Some programs include an information literacy course that provides detailed instruction on using Internet resources for academic and professional purposes. The librarian is always available to assist students with their research projects and professional searches. Additionally, the library contains a number of career guides to help students transition into their professional career path.

Alumni and Career Services

The Office of Alumni and Career Services provides assistance for students preparing to enter their new careers. The department advises students and graduates with interview techniques, job searches, resume writing and professional networking strategies. The Dean of Alumni and Career Services guides students through the state and industry specific licensure and certification process and maintains an extensive alumni network that provides graduates with job listings, referral services, office rental information and general information regarding the professions. The department provides a website that lists an extensive selection of continuing education classes offered by Swedish Institute for professional advancement and to help graduates meet state and professional association requirements.

Student Advisory Council

Swedish Institute encourages input from students and regularly surveys students for their opinion of instruction and services. In addition, a Student Advisory Council representing all programs meets regularly to develop constructive suggestions for improvement. The Director of Student Services serves as the coordinator for the Council.

Student Handbooks

Each program publishes a Student Handbook that provides information about services, policies and procedures related to the specific program. The Handbook also provides further information about how to access school services.

It is each student’s responsibility to read, understand and abide by all rules and procedures outlined in the hand-book.