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Swedish Institute's Centennial Celebration

Centennial Celebration – Peter Neigler

We had a really fun Centennial event, with close to 400 attendees, mostly alumni. We celebrated our 100th anniversary, and also dedicated the fifth floor at 151 W. 26th as Eckardt Hall.
In my totally unbiased opinion, it was a truly great party…and seeing alumni and faculty from 30 and 40 years ago, as well as the Eckardt family, was a treat. It really drove home the difference we’ve made in so many lives.

Those of you who were able to attend can certainly attest to what a fantastic event it was. So many people have stopped by to let me know how much they enjoyed it.

I can’t emphasize enough the amount of hard work that went into making this an exceptional evening. The Centennial Committee spent countless hours planning the event, and then setting everything up. They decorated, made numerous trips to obtain supplies, wine, beer, etc., and generally worked super hard to make sure everyone had a good time. Please join me in thanking them for their efforts. They really exceeded expectations.

The Centennial Committee: Ericka Clinton, Hazelyn Bernardino, Hillory Thorpe, Matthew Fortino, Maxinee Black-Arias, Meg Darnell, Mikaela Johnson Vaal, Stacey Jameson, Tania Ogullukian, Theresa Robbinson, and the Chairperson—Lucy Liben. In addition to the committee members, the following people also provided exceptional help over the course of several weeks: Alison Terry, Brin Azzarello, Geeno Mathews, Geoff Dawe (who spent hours putting together the photo montage which played throughout all of the rooms), Rob Siefken, Thom Paul, and Tulio Osorio. Thanks also to these people who helped out on the day/night of the event: Michael Oria (our photographer), and those who put up, took down, or worked in the pop-up store (Adrienne Sheppard, Danny Yuen, Elizabeth Cruz, Jane Holcomb, and Jennifer Young).

In addition to the party itself, we also had exhibits set up by each Academic Department. These exhibits were not just slapped together at the last minute. As I toured the fourth floor, I could see that a great deal of time was spent planning, and a great deal of work was spent putting together, each of the exhibits. Kudos to each department for putting together exhibits that highlighted the discipline and attributes of their program. Over the course of the evening, numerous alums came up to me and congratulated me on the program expansion that had taken place at Swedish. They were highly impressed by the exhibits they visited.

Exhibits were put together by: APT—Denise Lowe and Vincent Metzo; CAMA (and MBC)—Dr. Nelia Del Valle, Dr. Mohammed Peerzade, Maria Dosado, Marissa Haynes and Dr. Sam; Massage Therapy—Geoff Dawe, Lucy Liben, and Ushasi Thompson; Nursing—Allison Chisholm, Hillory Thorpe, Maxinee Black-Arias, and student Marcia Griffiths; Surgical Tech—Hazelyn Bernardino, Maria Sebastian, Gicela Peralta.

On top of these events, the evening included a student art exhibit and performances; speeches highlighting the hard work of our faculty and staff, the history of the college, and the contributions of the Eckardt family; a raffle; step and repeat photos; and gift bags which were given to all attendees. There was also a beautiful Centennial Journal that laid out the history of Swedish Institute from its inception to today, written by Lucy Liben. It was wonderfully put together.

Finally, thanks to all who participated in the Eckardt Hall dedication. Paula was truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and love she received at the event. I am sure this is an evening she will never forget.
I have never been prouder to be a part of this wonderful institution! Now…on to the next 100 years!!!