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Stress Reduction Clinic

Massage therapy sessions in the Stress Reduction Clinic provide 6 one-hour sessions in both Swedish massage and Shiatsu, with the intention of alleviating tension and promoting an overall effect of general relaxation. Deep tissue massage is not performed in the Stress Reduction Clinic due to the level of training of the therapists. If you require specific work for a complaint or a deep tissue approach, you should submit an application for the Therapeutic Massage Clinic. Each session will be provided by a different student. Individual appointments are not available.


The Stress Reduction Clinic is for people who are generally healthy, and no doctor’s diagnosis is required. Anyone with a medical condition or who is pregnant may apply for treatment in our Therapeutic Massage Clinic.


Please see the current registration form for current prices. You must enclose a check, money order or credit card authorization form for the full amount with your Registration Form. Once you have been confirmed for an appointment, your fee is non-refundable. A $50 fee will be assessed for checks returned for insufficient funds. In the event you do not receive an appointment, your check will be mailed back to you.

Clinic Hours

The Stress Reduction Clinic holds sessions on Saturdays and Sundays during the day, and Monday evenings. Please see the current registration form for session dates and times.


We will use a very equitable and fair lottery process to register in order to provide all applicants the most favorable chance to get a space. The postmark date and thorough completion of an application are important factors so please answer all questions completely. We will select a random sample of applications received on a given date and register clients in batches of 15 at a time. If your application is not selected in the sample your application will be added to the next date and only returned once we have filled all clinic spaces.

How to Apply

Due to the popularity of these clinics, advanced registration for the series is required.

Remember requests for appointments are filled via a lottery system, the order in which your registration materials are received is relevant so please submit your registration form promptly.
The submission of a Registration Form does not guarantee a clinic appointment. Your appointment will be confirmed by return mail or e-mail. If we are unable to accommodate you in the clinic, all material, including the fee, will be returned to you by mail. We encourage you to read a brief description of the educational nature of the clinics on our website so you can get the most out of your clinic session.